Shave Care

Hommage ShaveCare Kit


The ShaveCare Kit contains six essential shavecare products for your shave, each designed to last two months, along with a Feather Double Edge Safety Razor.

Product Details

  • ColorsCharcoal Box With Cobalt Blue Containers With Silver Lining


  • Charcoal Magnetic Cardboard Box With Plastic Containers


6″L x 8″W x 2.6″H
OriginUnited States
— Contains Six Essential Shavecare Products for Your Shave, Each Designed to Last Two Months
— Includes: Pre Shave Oil Prime 30ml, Shave Cream Perform 120ml, Shave Balm Soothe 28ml, Feather Razor, 20 Feather Blades, Product Display Stand, 2 Styptic Matchbooks